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My Mission is to follow Christ in the servant-hearted art of moving myself and others forward in missional accomplishment.

-Raymond F. Culpepper


Search 66 Volume 1


There is nothing out there like it!

This journey through the 39 books of the Old

Testament is packed with introductions, illustrations, biographies as well as practical applications of Old Testament truth.


Search 66 Volume 2


Great for preachers, teachers and students of the New Testament.  

The 27 books of the New Testament are given theme titles that develop

the primary truth of each New Testament book.

There are multiple practical applications, illustrations and biographies.

Search 66 Volume 3



Unique is the one word that describes this volume.  It is written with a simple purpose in mind: Revelation is deep but not difficult.

Deep with seas, monsters, dragons, 

earthquakes and death—but not difficult when you look at the book as a whole. 

Profoundly simple!  Spiritually sublime.

Understanding The Ministry of the Holy Spirit

Answers to your questions about the Holy Spirit. 


As believers welcome the activity of the Holy Spirit in the church,

questions of theology and practice arise. In this book,

Dr. Raymond Culpepper responds to 24 key questions related to the ministry of the Spirit.

Learning the answers to the questions will ensure a correct and orderly manifestation of the Spirit’s ministry.

No Church Left Behind

Every Church Can Be G.R.E.A.T.


Raymond F. Culpepper believes every church can be GREAT, and no church needs to be left behind without experiencing explosive demonstrations of the Holy Spirit that touch the people of its community with transforming grace. The scriptural formula for this greatness comes when the church is placed at the pivotal point of successfully fulfilling the Great Commission, developing disciples and expanding the kingdom of God.

The Great Commission
The Solution


The Great Commission is the solution to reaching the unchurched, developing mature disciples, and expanding the kingdom of God. It is a biblical mandate. Dr. Culpepper shares ten connecting points to assist disciples in revealing their God-given love for all people. His discussion of cultures and post modern thought is most helpful in knowing how to deal with unbelievers. This book provides a gold mine of ideas for fulfilling  the Great Commission.

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